Capture Polar 2.10 released!


After many weeks of hard word we are proud to finally present you with version 2.10 of Capture Polar!

New multi-aperture fixture visualization
The main theme of the 2.10 release has been adding the ability to cope with "multi-aperture" fixtures such as the i-Pix BB7 and the plethora of multi-LED moving heads on the market, but also more complex fixtures such as the High End Showgun, the Clay Paky Shotlight Wash and the Robe DT DigitalSpot series that combine several projection technologies. In the process we have managed to dramatically improve the performance of the multi-aperture fixture visualization we already had (such as with 2/4/8-lights or striplights) with up to four times better framerates!

We have also implemented a better visualization of filament based fixture dimming behavior that eliminates the traces of light on stage that could be seen in earlier versions of Capture in pre-heat situations and also gives the small but distinct difference in flash behavior between incandescent fixtures and shutter-based dimming fixtures.

Pangolin LD 2000 and Beyond support
Following in the footsteps of version 2.9 where we implemented laser visualization with LaserAnimation Sollinger we are now progressing with support for other laser systems, namely Pangolin LD 2000 and Beyond.

Presentations on Mac OS X
Our popular "Presentations" feature which has until now only been available on Windows has now been made available for Mac OS X as well! We have also refined the implementation to make the files smaller as well as come with a distinct icon to separate them better from regular project files!

New library symbols
In parallell to our work with producing new Capture versions, the library team is constantly working on adding the latest technology on the market to the library. They are also working on adding more fixture specific symbols to the library, an ongoing process that our users can influence by submitting their needs - for instance the collection of Clay Paky symbols is complete at the moment and there is also a rich collection of symbols from Robe and Martin. Work has also begun on expanding the 3D object content of the library. If you have any particular needs - let us know!

Material mapping improvement
We have made a couple of significant improvements in the department of material mapping. Firstly, the materials are now visible in wireframe views while mapping, as a complement to the dotted white "positioning box", making accurate placement much easier. We have also added the ability to apply materials to the built-in "sphere hull" shaped.

Installation experience
All Capture distributables (installers and applications) have been digitally signed to eliminate all security/author warnings. We have also revamped the licensing management dialog to allow acquiring key files from key file tickets directly in Capture as well as backing up and deleting installed key files from a Capture installation.

Changes in features of the Basic Edition
We have moved some functionality from the Extended Edition to the Basic Edition, adding extra value to all Basic Edition users! The following features are now instantly available to all Basic Edition users:

  • Import of 3DS and OBJ files, with materials.
  • One video player for playback of local video files.
  • Visualization of one laser media feed.

DXF/DWG import/export, multiple video file players, CITP video streaming and multiple laser feeds visualization will remain features of the Extended Edition.

New manuals
We are also proud to announce the introduction of new documentation material for Capture! A new 12 chapter interactive iPad (iBooks) manual in the style of a guided tutorial that will get anyone going with Capture in no-time is now available for download on our website. For users that don't have an iPad, the same manual (although without the embedded video content) is also available as a PDF version that is part of the installation.

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