Capture Polar 2.11 released!

New design features

We have made technological improvements to the library so that we can now include textured objects and starting with version 2.11 you will be seeing a steady stream of new objects being added. Our first batch of objects includes a healthy set of tables, chairs and assorted props. You may also notice that moving heads have been annotated with a power symbol in Plot mode, clarifying the orienation of the fixture, and that more of the now over than 7000 fixtures of the library now have custom drawn (to scale) manufacturer-specific symbols.

A major effort has gone into redesigning and improving zooming in Capture 2.11. Zoom speed and directions have been calibrated across platforms and technologies such as scroll wheels and touch pads to give our cross-platform users the best possible experience. The default behavior of the zoom is now also to zoom to the cursor rather than just the center of the screen. New features to automatically zoom to the extent of both the selection and the entire project will also help you get around much quicker!

Interoperability and integration features
Capture has successfully relied on CITP for communication with consoles and media servers for many years. We have now added a Capture-specific extension set to CITP called CITP/CAEX ("CApture EXtensions") with two new features; live image streaming and remote recording. This allows consoles to tap in on the contents of a live view in Capture and it allows users to trigger remote recording and programmer clear functions from Capture. LightFactory is first out to officially support this, with more consoles in the pipeline.

Version 2.11 also supports Green Hippo's HMap3 protocol for video streaming. Simply enable the HMap2 component on your Hippotizer media server and its output will appear under the 'Media' tab in Capture. The resolution can be adjusted in the 'Options' window.

We have also taken the chance to upgrade to a newer version of the Teigha component we license to support DXF and DWG import/export. This allows Capture to import and export up to version 2014 files.

With version 2.11 we have scrapped our dynamic quality adjustment scheme, locking down visualization quality to a predefined set of quality levels. This puts an end to the unpredictable flickering and enables new levels of performance. Explore the possibilities by finding the right level of 'Quality' settings for your machine under the 'Visualization' tab in the 'Options' window!

Have you invested in a 3D TV recently but not yet managed fill your home cinema DVD/Blue-ray collection with 3D films? Or are you looking for an excuse to buy a 3D TV? With the flick of a setting available for each view in Capture, the view can now be brought into SideBySide 3D mode so that you can put that 3D TV to its proper use!

In our strive to constantly bring new technology to Capture we have taken the first step into a world previously unknown to us - water effects. This first step incorporates water jets and allows DMX-controlled water jet visualization, all of course properly interacting with the lighting, projections and lasers.

New media features
Finally, we would also like to promote three much-requested features related to media that we have added to version 2.11; test cards, video projector keystoning and video player DMX patch/control. The test cards appear automatically when no media has been assigned to a video or laser projector, which is very useful when focusing, and video player DMX patch/control allows adding some basic multimedia programming to a show when you don't have access to media server.

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