Capture 2020 revision history

The first release of Capture 2020 was version 2020.0.28, the 10th of March 2020.

Version 2020.0.30, released the 26th March 2020
Improved performance of colour mixing fixture visualisation.
Beam Quality
Improved quality of beams in lower resolutions.
Shutting down Eos could cause Capture to crash.
Model Import
Importing models with textures larger than 8192 x 8192 pixels could cause Capture to crash.
Keyboard shortcuts did not work for commands in the Edit menu.
Intensity Scaling
The intensity scaling property of fixtures only worked in one beam in fixtures with multiple beams.
Property Editing
Dropdown menu properties rendered overlapped on macOS when in Dark Mode.
Version 2020.0.29, released the 12th March 2020
Focus Planes
Deleting a focus plane could cause a crash.
SketchUp Import
SketchUp 2020 files did not import on Windows.
Capture could freeze as connections attempts to Eos were being made.
View Navigator
The orbit / panoration button of the view navigator did not change its icon based on the global free-flight navigation setting.
Patched Cameras
Playing back movie snapshots with camera positions of patched cameras could produce spurious jumps of the camera to origo.
Decorative Fixtures
The performance of decorative fixtures in large projects was poor.
Translation Tool
The local language could be shown instead of English on the right hand side.

For older versions of Capture, see the Capture 2019 revision history.


Capture fixes and changes have been categorized as follows:

Major bug fixes
Minor bug fixes