Live webcast on sACN, Art-Net and CITP

On Monday we will be back with a live webcast again! This time we will be talking about DMX networking, what is important to know when setting it up, what some pitfalls are and where to start if you run into issues.

Capture 2019 tutorial series

We have just launched a new Capture 2019 tutorial video series. Consisting of 22 videos, each around 3-4 minutes long, we take you through the basics of Capture.

Presentation export changes for macOS

Apple are soon releasing macOS 10.15 "Catalina". It includes a security enhancement designed to protected macOS users from inadvertently running malicious or infected applications. As a result of these changes we have had to redesign the way Capture exports presentations on macOS.

Live Capture tips & tricks webcast

On Monday we will be back again with another live webcast, this time taking a look at some of Capture's less used features and a few hidden gems.

Don't miss this opportunity to discover something new about Capture or to ask us a question about somethiing you are been wondering about!