13 Universes Tab

The Universes list contains the DMX universes configured for the current project. Capture automatically connects external universes discovered on the network to these universes. For a list of DMX and console connectivity protocols supported, see the Protocols appendix.

The External universe property can be used to override the assignment of external universes to universes in the project. It can also be used to see which external universes Capture is seeing.

The Patch base property lets you choose the numerical location of a universe in relation to the other universes, independent of its name.

In a theatrical environment it may be more convenient to work with a contiguous range of channel numbers (for instance 1 – 2048). This can be achieved by setting the Patch style property to Contiguous.

The Blind levels property controls how sACN and CITP “blind” DMX data is treated. Some consoles use this mechanism to transmit programmer DMX when programming in blind mode or as a means of previewing the next cue.