1 Introduction

This reference manual provides detailed information about Capture’s functions.

If you are looking for a learning experience we recommend watching our video tutorials. They are available on the Documentation page of our website as well as our YouTube channel.

Answers to the most common fundamental questions can be found on the FAQ page of our website. More advanced questions can be posed or may in fact already have been answered on the Forum on our website.

If all of the above fails you can reach us at support@capture.se for technical support. For questions regarding the library or if you are missing fixtures, please use library@capture.se instead. For faster assistance always e-mail us using the address your licence is registered on.

1.1 System Requirements

Capture 2022 for Windows requires a 64-bit installation of Windows 10 or higher and DirectX 11.1 capable hardware. Capture may run on older versions of Windows, but these are not officially supported.

Capture 2022 for macOS requires macOS 10.15 or higher and Metal support. Please refer to Apple’s HT205073 article https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT205073 “Mac computers that support Metal” for more information about Metal compatibility.

Real-time visualisation and rendering is very demanding on the video card. As a good referenced point for the capabilities of your hardware you may find PassMark Software’s video card benchmark pages for high end GPU’s useful. A PassMark G3D mark of 2000 or more could be considered a general minimum performance requirement for Capture, but in practice the actual requirements will vary a lot depending on how you use Capture.

If you are running Capture on macOS then your drivers are part of the operating system and we recommend that you always update macOS to the highest version officially supported by Capture.

If you are running Capture on Windows, always make sure that you have the latest drivers for your video card. We recommend downloading the latest drivers from the manufacturer of your video card, ie. NVidia, AMD or Intel. If you are running Capture on a laptop, be ware that it may have multiple video cards and we always recommend having the latest drivers for all of them.

1.2 Licence Installation

Capture licences are distributed as licence key files and licence key file tickets. Capture licenses are personal and the same licence key file can be installed on multiple computers. Once a licence key file has been installed on a new computer it must also be unlocked before it can be used.

Licence key files can be acquired using licence key file tickets as well as installed from within Capture in the Licensing Window, accessible from the Welcome window on startup as well as from the Tools menu:


Once a licence key file has been installed and the licence information has appeared in the dialog, choose either Automated unlock or Manual unlock in order to unlock it. The automated option connects over the Internet and allows immediate unlocking as long as the licence has not been unlocked on too many computers. The manual option allows you to send the unlock request to us by e-mail to and may take some time as it requires manual attention from our support staff, but we will help you as promptly as possible.

Licence key file and unlock information is normally stored on a per-user basis in the computer. A command line / terminal option is available for network administrators that wish to install and unlock licence key files for all users of a computer. See Administrative Licensing for more information.

1.3 Library Updates

Library updates are available on a daily basis. If you have requested library additions and we have notified you that a new library package is available, you can update it from within the Library tab in Capture. For more information, see Library Tab.