15 Snapshots Tab

The still snapshots makes it possible to quickly move between key lighting looks while making design changes, even if no console is present. You can create high resolution renders at any point, watermarked with your logo and project information. Record movie snapshots including DMX, media and motion of parts of your show for offline playback. Export stand-alone ‘Presentation’ files that allow playback of all your snapshots while in an interactive environment - on any computer! Or if you prefer, render a high quality full-frame rate video file of your movie snapshots. To record a snapshot, simply press either the Record Still or Record Movie button in the snapshots tab of the Project Window. When recording a movie look, an extra dialog box will appear that allows you to set the FPS and start/stop. Snapshots can be played back by pressing the Play/Stop buttons the appear to the left of the Snapshot in the Snapshot tab.