5 View Menu

5.1 Wireframe

Wireframe is the default view and works as a 3D CAD wireframe view whereby a user can orbit any object in 3D but it is only rendered in wireframe.

5.2 Plot

Replaces the Paper view from previous Capture versions. This view is used to make plots.

5.3 Live

Live 3D rendering view.

5.4 Custom

In Custom mode, you can configure your own look view with either wireframe/solid, perspective/orthographic etc.

5.5 Camera, Swing to..

The Swing to Top, Front and Section commands place and orient the camera for the corresponing types of views.

The Swing to Selection command places and orients the camera orthogonally to the selected object. This is particularly useful when working on tilted or rotated constructions.

5.6 Camera, Focus..

The Focus selection command places the camera so that all the selected objects come in full view.

The Focus all command places the camera so that all objects in the project come in full view.

5.7 Camera, Position..

Camera shows a list of preset camera positions for quick navigation, as well as the ability to launch one of the user made camera positions.

5.8 Store Camera..

By positioning the camera to a user defined location, a user can then go to the Store camera option and choose a camera preset to store the current camera pose to.

5.9 Grid

Grid toggles the grid on/off for the selected view.

5.10 Widgets

Widgets (such as the camera) can be toggled on/off for the selected view.

5.11 Hidden Objects

Hidden objects can be toggled on/off for the selected view.

5.12 Project Information

Toggles the project information on/off for the selected view.

5.13 Fixture Information

Fixture information replaces the previous Live Information option from Capture Argo. It overlays fixtures with programming information like shutter and color mix status.

5.14 Selection Navigator

This option, which is checked by default, allows hiding the red selection navigator.

5.15 View Navigator

This option, which is checked by default, allows hiding the green view navigator.

5.16 Fullscreen

This option is only available on Windows and for design views that have been undocked. (On macOS, bringing windows to fullscreen is a built-in feature of the OS.)

To bring a design view to fullscreen, first undock it, then move it to the desired monitor if necessary and finally select this option.

5.17 Save Image

This command saves an image of the contents of the view.

If the view is in Live mode the image is rendered in the highest quality possible. Saving to an EXR image produces HDR output in the ACEScg / ACES AP1 colour space.