European Scout Jamboree '07

Hylands Park, Chelmsford, Great Britain 2007

Capture was used to aid volunteers in understanding the scale of the project and help produce the ceremonies, as well as securing support for the project from the Scout Association. The event was broadcasted on many national and international news channels, as well as children's TV.

Andy Hook, Lighting Designer

Acústicos & Valvulados "Acoustic, live and coloured"

Associação Leopoldina Juvenil, Porto Alegre, Brazil 2007

Capture was used for designing and preprogramming A&V's first DVD album "A&V - acoustic, live and coloured". The recording took place at the Associação Leopoldina Juvenil, a social club at Porto Alegre in Brazil.

Osvaldo Perrenoud, Lighting Designer

Eurovision Song Contest '05

Kyiv, Ukraine 2005

Capture was used for visualization during programming, both off site in Stockholm, and on site in Kyiv. The show ran off three ETC Congo consoles, under the supervision of Pontus 'Bullen' Lagerbielke, assistant lighting designer.

Lars Wernlund, Visualization Assistant

Concert with Bygdekören

Concert in Ängelholm, Sweden 2009

Capture was used to help the choir understand how professional lighting would enhance their show.

Viktor Hallonsten, Lighting Consultant

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan Mosque

Abu Dhabi, UAE 2009

Capture was used both as a visualizer during programming of the exterior lighting of the mosque as well as a to ensure correct placement of and to export focus sheets for the 800+ focusable fixtures.

Lars Wernlund, Visualization Assistant

Maeda Memorial

January 25th - February 12th, Japan 2009

Lighting design of the Maeda Memorial buildings exterior and entrance.

Takashi Maeda, Lighting Designer