Paines Plough's Roundabout

Margate Winter Gardens, Edinburgh 2014

Capture was used for the preprogramming of the show which used custom fixtures created for the venue.

Read more about it in the press release here.

Capturing Imagination, 3D Visualization

The photo from the Roundabout is copyright Sarah Rushton-Read,

Music & Lights booth, PLASA

PLASA, London 2014

Music & Lights booth in PLASA designed with Capture Polar.

Fabio Sorabella, Lighting Designer

Gymnastics Show

Local Area, Netherlands 2014

Capture Polar was used for design, visualisation and preprogramming to time code as there was not enough time to program on location.

Guido Boerland, Lighting Designer

10th Anniversary of Malta joining the EU

Valletta, Malta 2014

Setup time was limited to 3 days so all was preprogrammed using Capture Polar, without which there wouldnʼt have been time to program all the sequences.

Ismael Portelli, Lighting Designer

The Battle X

Greece, 2014

Diamantopoulos, Lighting Designer

Kings & Queens

Genoa, Italy 2014

Capture was used to prepare a presentation with all detailed videos and lighting effects.

Davide Trentacoste and Amedeo Orfei, Lighting Designers

Mihalis Rakintzis - Greek Hardstyle

Ggarin 205 Live Stage, Athens, Greece 2014

Capture Polar was used in a full extend to visualize the whole 2,5 hours show of Mihalis Rakintzis, one of the most known artists in Greece.

John Karamatsoukas, Designer

Open Podium 2013

Teylingen College Leeuwenhorst Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands 2013

This was during the annual talent show at our school. I did the lighting design and I programed the show. Capture was used to design the stage and to show the headmaster how everything would look like. During shows and programming I used capture live to see exactly what I was doing. So I was able to notice every little effect.

Eli van Hooff, LD and Operator

Joseph Calleja


Ismael Portelli, Lighting Designer