11 LED Screens

11.1 Using LED Screens

Capture is not only capable of 3D rendering for Lighting Fixtures, but also a wide range of LED Screens too.

Adding an LED screen to a project, is the same as adding a fixture or object. LED Screens can be found under the Fixtures category of the library. Locate the particular model you require from the library and drag it into one of the wireframe design views. Use the clone function to clone the LED panel however many times is required to create the screen size you desire. Once You have added in an LED screen of the desired size. Mapping video to the screen is done with the use of Materials and Video Players.

Materials are images or videos you add to an object in capture. Video Players can either be an internal video player were by you choose a video file on the computer and play that. Or you may also choose a video source from an external Media Server via CITP for the video source of a material. In this instance we will just use a file on the computer and look at CITP sources in a later chapter.

Add an LED Panel to the project by dragging it from the library to one of the wireframe design views. Clone the panel so you have a suitable size of LED Screen. Your project should look similar to this.


Now, to play video on the LED Screen, you must make a video player within capture. Simply, go to the Media tab in the Project window and press the Add button in the top right corner and name the Video Player - “LED Screen Video”. Press the Add Video button and choose a video file from the local hard drive. You may select multiple videos if you wish. Once you have selected the video you wish to play on the screen, press the play button next to it so the video is playing. In the Design tab, select the Materials category and click the Add button.

Once you have created the material, you need to link the material to the video player. Do this by selecting the video player from the “Media” option within the material properties.

Once the Material has been assigned to the video player, drag the material from the project window to the LED Screen in one of the design views. Press the red spanner button and choose the “Map Material” option. Then select the “Map to extents” option, this will set the material to fill the whole screen.


The result will be the LED Screen receiving evenly mapped video across the array from the Video Player.