About Us

We at Capture manufacture only one product; a lighting design, visualization and documentation software called Capture. Little did we know back in 1994 when we began experimenting with computer software aiding lighting plot creation that Capture would become one of the most commonly used lighting design and visualization softwares on the market. Our goal has always been to deliver a software so easy to use and intuitive that it can become a natural part of any lighting designer's toolbox. Through hard word, patience and dedication, Capture has grown slowly but steadily since the start and still continues to do so.

Armed with lighting design experience of our own and by ensuring that we have a minimal distance from first-line support to the product development department we have been able to work proactively with the design of the software to make it as easy to use as possible. Our "if a user doesn't instantly understand how to use a feature, it's not good enough" mentality has set Capture apart from traditional expert system software that requires a large amount of training to be operated and brings Capture more in line with what has turned out to be the philosophy of our time, focused and easy to use "apps".

A high quality operation and good business relations with the industry have always been top priorities for us; we take pride in delivering fast and accurate support to our users who depend on us, we are members of PLASA and we also regularly attend several international trade shows. Our high level of commitment and strive to deliver what our customers need can also be seen through other initiatives like our contribution to CITP, where the MSEX part of it has become a standard for media server connectivity in the industry.

Capture is sold both through a worldwide reseller network and our web shop. We encourage customers to purchase through and support our carefully picked resellers where available and use our web shop in other parts of the world. All our resellers operate under equal pricing conditions and as we do not wish to compete with them we never offer any exclusive discounts or offers directly through our web shop.

We believe strongly in a fair and reasonable product pricing and licensing policy. We are dependent on the trust of our users and strive at all times to maintain open, fair and transparent policies. This is one of the reasons we have chosen not to adopt a product subscription / lease based licensing model as we want our users to be able to judge the value they will get for their money prior to any purchase.

We look forward to meeting you at a tradeshow or on Facebook,!

The Capture team

The Team

Lars Wernlund
Technical Director

Vangelis Manolis
Sales Director

Vasilis Ziogas
Product Specialist


Lars (Lasse) Berg
Graphic Designer

Mathias Wahlin
Sr. Software Engineer