Presenting: Capture

Visualizing with Capture

Capture allows you to easily connect to a large number of lighting, media and motion control systems available on the market in order to visualize your show in it's entirety, in real-time.

You can present your designs using still renders, video file renders as well as through Capture's unique presentation file exports which deliver a fully interactive presentation of your design.

Capture supports the ethernet-based DMX protocols Art-Net, sACN, CITP/SDMX, Compulite VC and ETC Net 2 as well as the EntTec DMX USB Pro devices for physical DMX input. On Windows, High End Hog 3/4 and MA Net 1/2 (version 2.9 or higher) is available as well.

Advanced console link functionality can be used with CITP/FPTC and CITP/CAEX compatible lighting consoles as well as Hog3/4 systems (on Windows), providing features like patch exchange, fixture selection, focus feedback and remove triggering.

Play back video files on your computer as part of materials mapped to the scenery as well as with video projectors. Video files are added to playlists for easy content switching, optionally remote controlled through DMX.

Stream video from media servers that support CITP/MSEX (in both low and high resolution) or from Green Hippo media servers using HMap 3.

Stream live laser content from any laser controller that supports CITP/CAEX and from LaserAnimation or Pangolin systems using their proprietary protocols.

Simulate moving scenery setups, including both motion and rotation, using any DMX source. In addition, live 3D positioning information can be received from the Kinesys K2 motion control solution and mapped to any part of the scenery.

Use DMX to remote control cameras during programming for easy view changes or when preparing presentations to jump between camera positions and create fly-bys.

Produce photo realistic renders in a wide range of resolutions from any live view, with the information and branding of your choice.

Record the live DMX, video/laser media state and camera position at any point into a (still) or movie movie snapshot for easy playback at a later point when disconnected. Use recorded movie snapshots to render high quality videos of your design.

Export presentations of your design with full interactivity, live visualization capabilities and snapshot playback for standalone execution on any computer of the same kind (macOS or Windows).