Presenting: Capture

Documenting with Capture

Any design created in Capture is only a few clicks away from transforming into first-class paperwork. Common design elements' appearance has been carefully optimized optimal readability on paper.

A wide range of fine-tuning and configuration options ensure that the relevant information can be conveyed but also that you can personalize your paperwork to give it an individual touch.

Draw two dimensional plots from scratch or start from an existing three dimensional design. Make plot adjustments to the placement and rotation of any design element to clear up crowded areas of a plot without affecting the three dimensional design.

Fixture and truss rendering has been designed to maximize readbility; outline rendered trusses reduce the visual clutter and USITT RP-2 style plot symbols with freely movable annotations stand out.

Design and lay out individual plots on the paper size and orientations required, with insets such as headerssymbol and layer keys

Change text dimensions and apply detailed information filters with plot styles to create the look you need for your plots. Filter out large groups of object using layer sets, a named layer visibility state.

The automatically generated equipmentfixture and frame list reports can easily be customized for your needs. Complement the documentation with generated focus sheets, providing a focusing view through the aperture of each fixture.

Export detailed fixture information to CSV text files for post processing in any spreadsheet software. A special option to optimize the CSV for LightWright is also available.