Presenting: Capture

Designing with Capture

Capture lets you work with all the visual aspects of a show. It comes with a rich toolset for stage and architectural lighting, multimedia technology and laser as well as water based visual effects.

All designs rely on a scene to light and Capture provides a flexible set of scenic design tools, including the ability to import models from other design software that is more geared towards 3D modelling.

Use the built-in customizable library forms such as the box, cylinder or proscenium stage to quickly create a three-dimensional representation of your room. Mix and match dimensions specifications using the Metric and Imperial systems as required.

Import models from AutoCAD, Blender, Cinema 4D, SketchUp, VectorWorks and other modelling software using the DXF/DWG (up to version 2013), C4D, SKP (up to version 2016), OBJ and 3DS file formats. Apart from individual objects, Capture also imports layers, groups, block information and materials. Export models to other softwares using the DXF and DWG file formats.

The rich library, in part provided by AtlaBase, features a wide array of industry specific design elements such as trussing, lighting and media fixtures, filters, gobos and LED panels among other things. Capture understands how filters, gobos, barn doors, donuts and other accessories interactive with fixtures - you can even assemble yokes and scrollers with fixtures.

Use Capture's rich toolset of functions to move, rotate, clone, align, arrange, redistribute and group objects during the design. Special care has been taken to ensure correct snapping of lighting equipment such as trusses and fixtures.

Layers are available to categorize and control the visibility of various elements and scenes can be used to control the change of visibilty and placement of scenery through a show.

The specialized fixtures tab provides a spreadsheet-like view of all lighting, motion and water effect fixtures in the design, speeding up several design tasks such as data entry, fixture location and mass modifications.

Capture project files are fully self-contained and exchangeable without data loss between the macOS and Windows versions.